"Just as good as Regal"

10 years ago, the hardwood flooring industry was served by a handful of players who had little regard to quality and pricing due to the lack of competition. Because of that, wood flooring was considered a luxury item for most people. Enter Regal Hardwoods.  We looked at the wood flooring industry and asked ourselves, why can’t everyone enjoy the benefits and beauty of hardwood floors? Since then we have made it our priority to bringing quality and affordable flooring to people’s homes. Our passion in what we do has changed the flooring industry for the better, and sometimes to our delight, you’ll often hear the words, “Just as good as Regal,” a testament that we are doing something right.

National Wood Flooring Association

Regal Hardwoods is a member of the National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA). The NWFA is dedicated to training and educating wood flooring professionals from all over the world in the installation, sales, and inspection of wood flooring products. For additional information, please visit www.nwfa.org.

Janka Ratings

The Janka hardness test measures the resistance of a type of wood to withstand denting and wear to determine whether or not a species is suitable for use as flooring. Regal Hardwoods carries products with these Janka ratings:

Premium grade & precision milling

The added strength and stability of our hardwood floors comes from the same species of hand-selected premium woods being used for both the top and bottom ply layers. They look good and they last long. We even stand behind them for 35 years.


Each hardwood plank consists of an engineered 7-10 ply baltic birch hardwood core with stable cross-grain construction and precise edging for a solid and stable tongue-and-groove installation.

100% true hand-scraped hardwoods

Our craftsmen love what they do and each plank of Regal Hardwoods flooring is overseen by three master craftsmen using traditional tools to scrape and detail each piece. This scraping enhances the grain and brings out the true beauty of each piece of wood.

Varied lengths up to 7 ft

In addition to our premier woods and exclusive color options, we provide planks that vary in nominal lengths from 1.5 ft to 7 ft. Longer boards visually elongate the room by providing fewer joints and less clutter.

Titanium ScuffGARD

Our Titanium ScuffGARD finish utilizes the latest in nano-technology to provide a rugged and durable yet transparent wear protection that resists scuffing and allows your hardwood flooring to stand up to years of use.

American harvested wood floors

All of our hickory wood is harvested from sustainable forests located right here in the U.S.A. and is stored at our Dallas and Houston warehouse locations.

Flexible installation options

The Baltic birch engineered hardwood core allows our wood to be glued, stapled, or floated on any grade level: above, on, or below.

Quality control

All of our wood flooring is upheld to the highest quality standards to ensure each plank exceeds customer expectations.

Unsurpassed warranties

We stand on and behind every board we craft. All of our products carry a limited lifetime structural warranty. Depending on the product, our wood floors also carry 50-year or lifetime limited warranties for residential finish wear.